Medical Device Labels and Package ProductionWorldwide medical supply and device manufacturers who have long sought low-cost digital printing capabilities combined with high accuracy and fast throughput digital cutting (laser cutting, can now get demonstrations of a unique printing equipment innovation-- INX NW 140 UV Digital Narrow Web Press and Spartanics X140 Laser Cutting Station --( ). 

Capabilities demonstrations, using your graphics files (including print and vector based cutting specifications) are set to begin in November 2011. To schedule a no-cost demonstration of the INX NW 140 UV Digital Narrow Web Press And Spartanics X140 Laser Cutting Station contact Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP, at mbacon (at)  or Renee Etiopio, INX marketing manager  at evolve (at)

Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP, comments, “I have seen a comedic sign in many US engineers’ offices that reads—‘Fast, cheap or quality, pick two”.  Now, while most other digital offerings in the global marketplace cost in the $500,000 USD range, the INX-Spartanics digital print and laser cutting system only costs $389,000 USD—while at the same time providing for far superior print quality and cutting accuracy.  This is also the fastest turnkey digital print and cut solution one can find.  Choose between quality, speed and cost?  No need! The best digital printing equipment and total digital printing solution is also the lowest cost one in the global marketplace.  Needless to say, INX and Spartanics are delighted to be introducing this at a time when we know so many seek ways to save costs without sacrificing quality.”

A short list of some of the key product features that make this the most superior turnkey digital solution includes:

  • UV Digital Ink Jet System
  • On-machine pre-treatment of materials  (no extra costs for pre-treated materials)
  • White & CMYK color capabilities
  • Final coating station
  • 80 fpm/24 m running speed
  • Unsurpassed accuracy of the renowned Spartanics Finecut Laser Cutting Machines

For a complete list of product specifications see (