Single-Button, Triple Function Caster

Revolutionizing the global medical equipment industry, leading Canadian caster designer and manufacturer Darcor Limited has created the world’s first single-button, triple function caster.

The Medic®, the product of more than five years of research and development, features a patented multi-purpose cam, which permits one easy-to-engage foot pedal to control three caster functions – free swivel, swivel lock and total lock.

The result is a caster that boasts:

  • The best mobility in the caster world – easier to start, roll and swivel than all category competitors
  • Aesthetically pleasing design – a color-coded window shows the caster position (green for free swivel, yellow for swivel lock, red for total lock)
  • Neoprene wheels – which are much softer than wheels on competitor medical casters and are both quieter and able to clear obstacles and reject debris without difficulty
  • Improved braking – a typical cart with four Medic casters can easily hold 600 pounds of weight on a ten-degree incline
  • Hardened ball races – which prevent excessive wear and premature failure

Darcor president Rob Hilborn says the innovative new caster is simpler to operate, better performing and longer lasting than any competing products in the marketplace. 

“The aging population has already started increasing demand for medical equipment. In recent years we’ve seen robust and rapid growth in mid-market medical machines offering unprecedented performance and value, but the casters just weren’t keeping pace,” he says.

“Using cutting-edge design and patented technology, we have created a caster for the medical industry that not only delivers unmatched performance, but is also extremely cost competitive. Darcor’s durable and multipurpose cam and innovative braking technology makes The Medic® the easiest rolling and most reliable medical caster available. The Medic® will help companies in the medical equipment industry increase productivity, reduce workplace injuries and deliver a stronger bottom line,” he says.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Darcor exports its casters to some of the world’s leading medical, industrial and automotive companies across 20 countries.

“The innovative design and performance of The Medic®, along with its attractive pricing, will no doubt help Darcor grow its market share in the lucrative medical equipment industry and help us further develop in new markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China,” says Hilborn.

The Medic® also exceeds the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) 60601 specifications for medical equipment. For more information on The Medic®, please visit