Sizeable Fume HoodHaysite Reinforced Plastics (Erie, PA) has recently advanced its H193/H232 Pultruded Laboratory Fume Hood Panels to offer industry exclusive custom length sheets while delivering advanced aesthetics as well as smoke, flame, and chemical resistance consistency vs. compression molded panels. Key applications for the series are laboratory fume hood liners used in schools (K-12, Colleges, Technical Institutes), dedicated test facilities, and all public and private entities with Lab/R&D facilities.

The H193 (UL Listed) and H232 fiber glass reinforced thermoset polyester sheets deliver excellent corrosion resistance to numerous acids and alkalis?both passing the SEFA (Scientific Equipment Furniture Association) forty-nine chemical drop test. The SEFA test results exhibited a high level of flame retardancy and low smoke generation properties for both pultruded fume hood panels.

Beyond key fire resistance properties, the panels provide an aesthetically pleasing smooth white surface that is durable, easy to clean, and provides high light reflectivity. They also withstand exposure to a wide range of laboratory acids, solvents and alkalis. Finally, because they won’t absorb spills— they resist staining and discoloration.

With over 25 years experience manufacturing fume hood sheets, Haysite has been perfecting its pultrusion processing methods for the past six years which allow for the customized lengths. This advancement continues as Haysite has recently implemented a new pultrusion machine that includes a 3’ wide tool that provides another distinct sizing option advantage for industry customers based on their application/yield goals.

Current H193/H232 size specifications include:

  • Standard Sheet Sizes: 4’x 8’ / 4’ x 5’ / 4’x 6’
  • Larger / custom sizes available to maximize yield requirements
  • Pultruded thickness available: 3mm (.125”) to 6mm (.236”)
  • Compression Molded thickness available: 0.64”
  • Size Option: 3’ wide pultrusion size now available
  • Standard color: White

For more detailed information call 814-868-3691, or visit our website for downloadable engineered data sheets at: