Modular Technology Platform Accelerates Product Innovation

Logic PD, offering a smarter way to innovate for all phases of a product’s lifecycle, is making rapid development using sophisticated technologies possible for leading-edge products. The company today introduced Catalyst™, a modular technology platform that provides proof-of-concept technologies for fully-connected, user-friendly products. With Catalyst, Logic PD is breaking down the long-standing barriers and time constraints to using cutting-edge technologies to develop new, innovative products faster.

Until now, many companies have struggled to design and develop new products using advanced technologies because their products require longer lifecycles, a deeper level of customization than off-the-shelf consumer devices can provide or adherence to strict regulatory requirements. Facing these challenges, many companies employ soon-to-be obsolete technologies for their product development needs.

The value of Catalyst is already gaining attention. Geissler Corporation, a company specialized in the discovery and assessment of emerging technologies that have application in the animal health veterinary sciences and animal management markets, is launching a new product leveraging the concept of Catalyst.

“The Logic PD team used Catalyst to quickly demonstrate how we could deploy a cloud-based architecture for our new Whisper Respiratory Diagnostic Stethoscope product thereby allowing us to store and access our data directly on our database without having to use a portable PC at the site,” said Randolph Geissler, CEO, Geissler Corp. “Catalyst has been instrumental in developing and launching this innovative product because the Logic PD team has both the market intelligence to mitigate risk and the strategic partnerships to get the job done faster than a company could do alone.”

Catalyst offers a number of benefits that combine consumer expectations with highly specialized market needs, including:

  • Rapid customization – Provides a personalized offering when an off-the-shelf consumer device won’t suffice
  • Time-to-market – Use of production-ready modules speeds time-to-market through an integrated design and manufacturing process
  • User experience technologies – Applies sensory user interfaces (touch, haptics, audio) and utilizes high-definition (HD) capable displays
  • Reduced risk – Supports long-lifecycle design; modular approach addresses complexity and sustainability of devices; includes hardware and software developed under an ISO 13485 process, wireless certifications and more

By collaborating with its long-time partner, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), Logic PD is combining its expertise in solving business and end-user needs with TI’s advanced embedded processing solutions to create Catalyst.

“At TI, one of our goals is to ease our customers’ development cycle. Similarly, Logic PD is providing a really unique offering by integrating our advanced DaVinci video processor into their customizable modular technology platform,” said Kim Devlin-Allen, director, DaVinci video and cloud communications, TI. “In working with Logic PD, we aim to enable customers to more quickly start developing their newest products with smartphone-like experiences. The Catalyst platform will accelerate product design and development and give customers a quick and easy method of personalizing the user experience.”

The Catalyst modular technology platform is demonstrated through a handheld Google Android device featuring a 7-inch multi-touch display and full RF connectivity (802.11, Bluetooth®, GPS, cellular, 3G/4G) for anytime, anywhere access. The Catalyst roadmap includes Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and is based on TI’s DaVinci DM3730 ARM® Cortex™-A8 video processor.

“TI is a trusted source for long-lifecycle products, which is essential for our customers’ products to be successful,” said Dr. Scott Nelson, executive vice president and CTO, Logic PD. “Logic PD is working with its network of partners to demonstrate our unique ability to not only create custom products but also provide complete business solutions from concept to reality, and always with the end-user in mind. Catalyst is proof of what we can make possible today.”

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Posted by Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief, MDT