QR Codes on Permanent LabelsProduct identification labels that can be fully integrated with QR (quick response) codes and the full-color printing of custom graphics on a variety of substrates for a wide range of applications are being introduced by Nameplates for Industry, Inc. of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

NFi QR Code Labels feature printed QR codes fully integrated with product identification labels in virtually any color, size, shape, and substrate-adhesive combination; supplied individually or in sets.  These permanent, long-lasting labels can reinforce a brand, while allowing a smart phone to download information from a website instantly for numerous applications.

Suitable for accessing websites, instruction manuals, videos, service histories, inventory records, technical data, and more, NFi QR Code Labels are custom engineered and printed on the appropriate substrate material such as Mylar®, Lexan®, and PVC.  They can incorporate aggressive adhesives for bonding to powder coated surfaces and UL constructions for weather-ability.

NFi QR Code Labels are priced according to material, size, and quantity. Representative free samples and price quotations are available upon request.

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