CNC Bending of Wire and Tube for Medical Devices

Medical designers needing a source for custom 2D and 3D tubular and wire components will find Marshall Manufacturing’s capabilities of interest.

When developing medical devices, designers not only need to be concerned with fit, form and function, but also manufacturability of the device (cost and feasibility). Additionally, as the design develops, an iterative process of prototyping may be needed until the design is finalized. Finding a cost effective and timely process for development can often be challenging, especially when 2D and 3D bending is involved. Marshall is uniquely positioned to provide designers with solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

Medical device components that require bending generally have machined features on both ends of the wire or tube, often with additional features along the length. These components often require specific features to be oriented to other features in three dimensional space. For example, a cross hole or slot on a bent tube may need to mate with a similar feature in another component. The cost of adding this feature after bending may be cost prohibitive to a device in comparison to creating the feature prior to bending. Marshall’s CNC bending capability often allows stock to be completely machined prior to bending, orienting the features as the part is bent. Marshall’s capabilities provide designers with the freedom to create innovative and intricate designs. Mandrels and other tooling are often required to produce the required shapes.

Custom 2D and 3D shaped diameters are available in tubes from .035 to .500 inches and wire from .060 to .315 inches. Component lengths range from 5.75 to 60 inches. Materials include stainless steel, titanium, MP35N, L605 and many other metals.

Marshall Manufacturing’s capabilities provide medical designers with freedom to create innovative and intricate medical components, including introducers, implantable spine components, orthopedic products and other medical devices. Marshall also offers design assistance for manufacturability and real-parts prototyping service with fast turn around.
Complete capabilities for custom CNC precision bending, CNC Swiss machining, wire EDM, CNC milling and electro polishing, Marshall Manufacturing is equipped to produce high quality custom medical components.

Many features and configurations can be designed into these specialized contoured tubes and wire components. A full range of needle tips for wire are manufacturable, including trocar points, taper points, bullet points and more. Features available for tubing include flaring or swaging. Tubes may also be threaded, stamped to produce oval shapes, laser etched, burnished and laser welded.

Marshall can also fulfill customer requirements for special shaped windows, slots and patterned shapes in cannula walls. These shapes can be produced using wire EDM or laser.

Additional processes available include knurling, milling, stamping, broaching, burnishing, heat-treating, electro cleaning, electro polishing and plating. Laser etching is also available for part traceability. Assembly operations include laser welding, brazing, press fit and epoxy fastening. Marshall’s manufacturing and quality system insures lot traceability.

Marshall Manufacturing has experience producing custom components and assemblies for urology, cardiovascular, orthopedic, laparoscopic and dental applications. The company’s quality management system is registered to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008.

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