Aerosol Nozzle Plates Feature Uniform, Repeatable HolesCustom engineered aerosol nozzle plates, spray nozzles, and related fluid dispensing and control components requiring highly precise sub-micron holes for medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and instrumentation applications are available from Stork Veco International, Inc. of Burlington, Massachusetts.

Stork Veco Fluid Dispensing and Control Components are custom engineered and can be produced with 2 micron holes and tolerances > ±0.5 micron. Mostly fabricated from nickel, these high precision parts are electroformed which permits sharp edge definition with a venturi profile and virtually any hole shape and pattern design, including complex apertures and slits.

Permitting precise drop size control, Stork Veco Fluid Dispensing and Control Components can be produced in prototype to production quantities.

Since electroforming involves growing the parts ion-by-ion, they are burr-free and ultra-precise, claims the firm. Typical parts include nebulizers, orifice plates for flow control, filters, and field stops for endoscopes.

Stork Veco Fluid Dispensing and Control Components are priced according to configuration and quantity. Price quotations are available upon request.

Stork Veco International, Inc.