Gently Removing and Long-Term Wear AdhesivesAdhesives Research (AR), Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of custom pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, specialty coatings, films, laminates, product authentication and engineered fiber technologies, invites OEMs and product designers to learn about its newest adhesive technology for wound care and medical device products at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West February 13 – 16, 2012. AR’s technology will be on display at booth #776 in the Anaheim Convention Center.

Offering a full range of custom adhesives technologies, coated onto carefully selected substrates, AR’s new technologies are best suited for addressing the specialized needs of skin contact and advanced wound care dressing applications. AR’s non-silicone, low-trauma PSA technology mimics the gentle properties of silicone adhesive platforms with the added benefit of offering aggressive, intimate skin contact with virtually painless and residue-free removal. This gently removing technology offers sustained adhesion for repositioning without compromising dressing security and is formulated to release cleanly from hair and the top layer of skin. Unlike some silicones, this technology also exhibits good ratings for resistance to gamma sterilization.

For long-term wear applications, AR offers an acrylic medical-grade, tailorable adhesive technology that meets the critical design parameters required for adhesives in wear applications requiring a more aggressive adhesive to secure a dressing in place for up to seven days. This new technology offers high moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) for breathability, very good wear properties, minimal edge-lift and tolerable removal with no adhesive residue remaining on skin. This adhesive is well-suited for dressings intended for difficult -to-adhere wound sites or other applications requiring long-term adherence properties.

In addition to its low-trauma and long-term wear adhesives, AR continues to advance its dissolvable film and porous adhesive technologies. AR’s dissolvable film technology provides an efficient medium for stabilizing sensitive reagents, delivering therapeutic agents or dispersing pigments. With customizable dissolution rates, each pre-measured film strip can be designed to deliver a specified release over time.

AR’s porous adhesive technology provides the ability to develop dressings with improved breathability and moisture management properties. Offering a low-density, highly permeable adhesive layer, the adhesive’s pores form stable, non-collapsing channels to enable the flow of fluids and/or gases in the Z-axis direction. Available in hydrophilic or hydrophobic chemistries, this customizable adhesive technology demonstrates MVTR up to 9,000 g/m2/day.

Adhesives Research