Green Drive Linear ActuatorNippon Pulse has announced the introduction of its newest linear servo product, the Green Drive linear actuator. The Green Drive is an all-inclusive linear direct drive actuator suited for high-performance applications requiring high force, accuracy, and precision.

Features of Nippon Pulse’s Green Drive include:

  • Acceleration (peak) force of up to 600N for 40 seconds
  • Effective stroke lengths between 10mm and 1540mm
  • Cooling systems that can increase rated force up to 20%
  • Rated force between 13N and 150N
  • Position repeatability of ±0.05mm
  • T-slots for easy and quick integration into applications
  • Position sensors, temperature sensors, interpolation electronics
  • Four different feedback output types: analogue SIN/COS, Digital Bus BISS-C, Digital A/B TTL Linedrive Incremental, and Absolute SSI
  • Color coded quick connectors
  • High-performance slide bearings

The Green Drive currently is available in two sizes, the G16x series and G25x series. The G16x series features a shaft (magnets) with a 16mm diameter and the G25x a 25mm shaft diameter. The G16x series is 66mm wide and high, while the G25x series is 88mm wide and high. Each has varying lengths depending on the required effective stroke.

Nippon Pulse America, Inc.