Instruments Achieve Highest Measured Displacement Resolution and Accuracy for Electrodynamic Test SystemsBose Corporation’s ElectroForce Systems Group today introduced two new high-accuracy test systems: the ElectroForce® 3200 Series II test instrument and the ElectroForce® 3330 Series II test instrument. These new offerings significantly extend the range of product testing capability, delivering higher accuracy and measurement resolution for research and development engineers.

The new ElectroForce Series II electromagnetically driven instruments utilize advanced stroke measurement technologies to increase the lower range of reliable displacement data by a factor of 10 compared to previous Bose® offerings. With measurement resolution of one nanometer and accuracies in the range of microns, ElectroForce Series II instruments provide highly useful low-amplitude displacement information to designers, helping them to better understand small-scale behaviors that impact material and component properties.

Low-amplitude displacement testing accuracy is an increasing priority for the development of biomaterials and traditional engineered materials. Engineers rely on this test data to design advanced products

for applications such as microelectronics, low-amplitude material fatigue characterization, small bone or tissue measurements, and dynamic mechanical analysis of elastomers and tissues.

“We understand the challenges that researchers and development engineers face in creating the next generation of materials, devices and products. They need to have the highest confidence in the data they’re using throughout the process,” said Ed Moriarty, general manager of the Bose ElectroForce Systems Group. “Our new Series II test instruments deliver an unprecedented level of precision, helping customers to successfully reach their goals.”

To meet the critical requirement for low-amplitude displacement testing accuracy, ElectroForce® Series II instruments are calibrated to the highest class of ASTM E-2309 industry standards. As a result, customers can be confident their data is extremely reliable, even at the most demanding levels of measurement.

The ElectroForce 3200 Series II test instrument has a load capacity up to 450 newtons, and the ElectroForce 3330 Series II test instrument provides loading up to 3,000 newtons.

Both new ElectroForce Series II instruments are available immediately. In addition, earlier versions of the ElectroForce 3200 and 3330 instruments can be upgraded to the new level of accuracy and resolution performance. For more information, visit

ElectroForce Systems Group, Bose Corp.