Low Cost Switching Regulator Module

Switching regulator ICs offer good efficiency but require a significant time investment in design, PCB layout and component choice. The power supply is usually the last part in any new project to be implemented and any delays can be very expensive.

RECOM’s brand new R-78E low cost switching regulator module now offers all the advantages of a switching regulator (high efficiency, wide input voltage range, accurate output voltage regulation) but at a price level below $2 USD at quantities of 1000 pieces. The R-78E offers a risk-free, pre-tested solution that makes designing your own switching regulator circuit redundant.

The R-78E meets all of the most commonly requested specifications yet makes no compromise when it comes to quality and reliability as it comes with a full 3 year RECOM warranty. The input voltage covers the 7VDC to 28VDC range which allows operation from both an industrial 24V bus or from either a 9V or 12V battery. The converter is fully protected against overload, short circuit and over-temperature conditions. Due to the R-78E’s high efficiency of up to 92%, no heat-sink is required for operation over the full industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C (+70°C without derating). The compact SIP3 package, TO-220 compatible, measures only 11.6 x 8.5 x 10.4mm, saving precious board space.

This feature set makes the R-78E the most economic choice today for many applications. The R-78E will save engineers significant development time and keep their BOM under budget with this fully functional, fully tested and fully protected power supply solution.

RECOM Power Inc.