Advanced Resin for Powered Medical Equipment Needing Chemical Resistance PropertiesStyron, the global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber, recently introduced its EMERGE™ PC/PET 9500CR Advanced Resin. This material is an advanced polycarbonate polyethylene terephthalate blend developed for powered medical equipment housing applications where it is necessary to protect the electrical components of the device and its outer housing from chemical attack.

The material balances the important characteristics needed for today’s sophisticated medical equipment. This includes chemical and ignition resistance, durability, processing characteristics and aesthetic appeal.

It provides superior resistance to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals, including surface disinfectants and cleaners commonly used in medical settings. These chemicals can attack plastic surfaces, often leading to crazing, cracking and even product failure.

EMERGE™ PC/PET 9500CR Advanced Resin joins Styron’s portfolio for medical equipment housings that includes EMERGE™ PC/ABS 7600 Advanced Resins. Introduced last year, this biocompatible product is a non-chlorinated, non-brominated, ignition-resistant blend, which combines the physical properties of polycarbonate with the processability, toughness and flow of ABS.  

With the EMERGE™ PC/PET 9500CR Advanced Resin introduction, Styron has managed the important properties needed by manufacturers and molders in their ongoing effort to extend the functionality and lifecycle of their products. The material balances a unique combination of advanced properties while maintaining the outward appearance expected for medical housings.

EMERGE™ PC/PET 9500CR Advanced Resin has a UL 94 rating of V0 @ 2.0 mm for flammability performance.

To support the launch of this new grade, bag quantity samples are available to customers for their applications through the company’s Stock Sample Program.