Outer Member Rotating BLDC Motor Featuring Proprietary Hall Commutation CircuitBEI Kimco Magnetics, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced the DXH15 Series Outer Member Rotating BLDC Motor to meet the high accuracy requirements for a variety of industrial scanning applications.

The new DXH15-10-000A Motor supports extreme inner rotational speed variations by maintaining a shaft run-out of only ±0.010.” This results in negligible jitter of less than ±0.1%, which was a key requirement in meeting customer performance specifications for a laser bar-code scanning machine used in a production material handling application. The motor’s negligible shaft run-out characteristics prevent the laser beam from rasterizing, which is critical to bar-code read accuracy and maximum throughput.

The new motor incorporates a proprietary Hall commutation circuit that produces the exacting switch points required by the customer’s control electronics for rotor position sensing. The motor’s precision ball bearings and precision balanced rotor ensure reliable operation at speeds in excess of 11,000 RPMs under continuous duty over the life of the system.

“The challenge in this product design was developing a motor that would consistently provide the tight rotational speed variations that would ensure accuracy in the application,” says Walter Smith, BEI Kimco’s Senior Applications Engineer. “In the bar-code scanning application for which the product was designed, that translates into improved through-put and fewer conveyor package rejections. At rates of 1400 scans per second, this represents a significant accomplishment.”

Measuring just 1.5” in outer diameter and 1.0” in axial length, the new device fits into the tightly tolerance mechanical envelope specified by the OEM. Custom mounting and electrical interface features are also available.

BEI Kimco Magnetics