6U VMEbus SBC Provides Master & Slave Functionality for Multiprocessing

MEN Micro Inc., a world-renowned provider of embedded computing and I/O solutions for mission-critical industrial, mobile and harsh environment applications, now offers the flexible A21, a 6U VMEbus SBC that incorporates both master and slave functionality for exceptional multiprocessing in embedded applications, particularly in industrial automation, but also in medical and railway engineering.

The new board is available in two configurations that enable fast and easy semi-custom solutions to meet different system requirements. Both versions support front and rear I/O and standard modules can be easily plugged in for tailored control systems that appear as customized solutions based on standard components.

Featuring three M-Module slots, the A21B is ideal for real-world I/O including analog/binary process and instrumentation I/O.  The A21C includes two PMC or XMC slots for functions such as graphics, mass storage or additional Ethernet. The PMC slots support modules up to 64-bit/100-MHz PCI-X. The XMC slots are powered by two PCI Express x1 links.

The new A21 features a single-core P1013 or dual-core P1022 PowerPC QorIQ processor with clock frequencies of up to 1.67 GHz and serial communication.  1 MB of local dual-ported SRAM is provided for slave access and communication between the local CPU and another VMEbus master.

The new SBC provides a solid foundation for industrial computing including two Gigabit Ethernet channels and one RS232 COM Interface at the front, along with 2 GB of DDR3 soldered SDRAM with ECC, up to 64 MB of Flash and 128 KB of FRAM.  The A21 accepts a microSD card and an mSATA plug-in module for mass storage requirements.

If additional I/O is needed, one board slot can be used for a USB 2.0, COM or custom I/O interface controlled by the onboard FPGA.

Operating temperature is -40°C to +85°C and all board components are soldered to withstand shock and vibration. The card can be conformal coated for protection against humidity and dust.

Pricing for the A21 is $1,712.  Delivery is six to eight weeks ARO.

MEN Micro Inc.