All-Electric Injection Molding TechnologyMilacron Plastics Technologies, a worldwide supplier of plastics-processing technologies, recently presented NPE2012 attendees with a hands-on look at updated Roboshot all-electric injection molding and control technologies, now available to customers.

At the show, Milacron operated fully automated version of the Roboshot S-2000i55B injection molding machine. New enhancements to the machine deliver higher speeds, better quality production and lower energy use. The machine also has the ability to process difficult materials, such as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), which was displayed in the booth.

Show visitors test drove the new Roboshot 31-iA Series Control System, experiencing some of the fastest processing speeds in the industry. Also at NPE, the Roboshot was part of a groundbreaking in-mold labeling project that won a Judge’s Award in SPI’s International Plastics Design Competition.

The Roboshot S-2000i55B Series improves the production process through reduced energy, scrap elimination and improved production capabilities, which result in overall cost savings.

“With unmatched repeatability and process control, the Roboshot is especially well-suited for medical product manufacturing and other sophisticated applications requiring clean production, repeatability, ease of validation and tight tolerances,” said Eric Thompson, Electric Platform Product Manager for Milacron.

Roboshot’s proficiency with LSR and other hard-to-process materials also makes it a good choice in demanding markets such as medical.

Other benefits include:

  • Better part quality: Improved base rigidity along with a two-piece platen design provides less platen deflection than conventional toggle machines, solidifying the molding process and resulting in better part quality.
  • Quieter operation: Enhanced belt design reduces noise, allowing the machines to run faster, quieter and with high reliability and precision.
  • Faster cycle times: Improved clamp mechanics boost performance and reliability.
  • Lower maintenance costs: The multi-circuit lubrication system brings greater machine reliability, along with lower lubricant costs.
  • Reduced energy usage: The TCS (Thermal Control Solution) Heater Band System uses radiant heat that goes directly into the barrel, resulting in energy reduction by up to 50 percent. 

The enhanced Roboshot 31-iA Series control system offers an easy-to-use display featuring customizable split-screen options and process plotting functions that help molders more efficiently control aspects including flow, input values and more.

The Series 31-iA by FANUC provides a scan rate of 62.5 microseconds – the fastest rate in the industry. This processing speed enables the system’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mold Protection, which monitors the clamp ejector to detect failures and stop the process before mold damage occurs. The AI system includes extensive pressure and recovery profile memorization for more repeatable pressures and recoveries.

Other new features include an onboard energy monitor, which facilitates continuous energy savings by tracking and plotting power demands; and advanced diagnostics of servo motors, which help decrease downtime.

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