Balloon Forming Process with High-Efficiency Water JacketsInterface Catheter Solutions new high-efficiency water jackets improve balloon yields and balloon forming cycle times.  The high-efficiency water jackets have been improved to create a more uniform thermal profile, shorter process times and repeatable ramping capabilities. A water jacket is the balloon forming machine module that facilitates mold heating and cooling during the manufacturing process. Balloons are formed with wall-thickness consistency as a result of the uniform thermal profiling. The high-efficiency water jacket improvements provide better control and cycle times all resulting in improved balloon yields.

The high-efficiency water jacket thermal profiling enhancements provide:

  • Repeatability
  • Smoother ramp
  • Stable plateau
  • Estimated 20% shorter process times
  • Quicker thermal stability 
  • Uniform heating along entire length of mold
  • Uniform heating around circumference of mold

The water jackets can accommodate a large range of molds for small to large diameter and length balloon forming. The new water jackets are available for Interface balloon forming equipment models 2210 and 3310.

New improvements to the balloon forming equipment (drop-in assembly available for older models) now provide better directional flow for water cooling and air purge control. The combination of these improvements and the high efficiency water jacket enhancements provide further consistent and repeatable balloon forming results.

Interface Catheter Solutions