More Choices in Shielded Medical Connector LineHypertronics Corporation, a Smiths Interconnect business and world-leading provider of high performance interconnect solutions for the most demanding applications, announced today an expansion of its successful Shielded HyperGrip® connector line. In addition to the 19-position HG3, the product series is now also available in a 12-position HG2 and a 33-position HG4 providing customers with an expanded range of choices in high-reliability shielded medical connectors.

Sophisticated medical equipment with increased data transfer rates has given rise to a very real need for adequately shielded connectors that ensure signal integrity while protecting medical interconnect from dangerous signal interruptions caused by EMI and RFI. The Hypertronics HG Shielded line offers customers all of the versatility and functionality that is embodied in the original HyperGrip® offering with the added benefit of enhanced EMI/RFI shielding that ensures constant signal integrity by offering a vastly superior level of protection. With the incorporation of the ultra-reliable Hypertac® technology, the Shielded HyperGrip® connector is able to outperform standard interconnect solutions while delivering extraordinary contact mating lifecycles that result in a significant lowering the cost of ownership.

In addition to its uniquely medical appearance and proprietary features, the Hypertronics Shielded HyperGrip® circular push-pull medical connector series provides continuous shielding through the connector with an attenuation of -50db at 3 GHz in an insulated plastic shell.

The Shielded HyperGrip® series is ideally suited for operating in sterile hospital environments and embodies the features and functionality required to make certain that the highest level of performance and quality are maintained across key medical disciplines that include homecare cardiac devices, patient monitoring, imaging, and electrophysiology catheter systems.

Recognizing the needs of the medical device community, Hypertronics Corporation has designed Shielded HyperGrip® to be user-configurable, color-coded (5 different colors are available), finger-proof, resistant to sterilization protocols, keyable to provide true and secure connections on medical devices and offering front and rear panel mount receptacle designs.

“By expanding our Shielded HyperGrip portfolio, Hypertronics is helping customers address their critical need to ensure signal integrity by offering them more choices in highly reliable shielded medical connectors,” stated Vadim Radunsky, President of Hypertronics Corporation. “EMI and RFI can cause significant degradation of system performance, and our Shielded HyperGrip connectors protect sensitive medical device circuitry from such damaging interference.”

Hypertronics Corporation