Nippon Pulse 4MM Linear Shaft Motor for High Precision

Available from Nippon Pulse is the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor (model S040), a servomotor designed for small-scale, high-precision applications. The smallest in the Linear Shaft Motor line, the 4mm motor serves as a replacement for many traditional linear motor systems including ball-screws and belt drives.

With strokes lengths up to 40mm, the S040 Linear Shaft Motor provides up to 0.98N of continuous force, 0.6 Arms of continuous current, 3.8N of acceleration force, and an acceleration current of 2.2Arms. Regardless of the winding size, the S040 has a width of 10mm and has a forcer length of up to 79mm.

The S040 Linear Shaft Motor is currently used in nanoscale manufacturing, processing, and metrology in the biomedical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and education industries.

The Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor designed for the ultra high precision market. The motor generates less heat, uses all magnetic flux, is up to 100 stiffer than traditional linear motors, and has no cogging. These features allow it to achieve sub-micron resolution without the use of an external heat sink. These features, along with others, also make the Linear Shaft Motor 50 percent more energy efficient than competing linear motors. Sizes of the Linear Shaft Motor range from a 4mm shaft diameter (S040) to a 60.5mm diameter (S605) with forces ranging from 0.29N to 780N.

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