Simultaneous, 5-axis, High-Speed Milling of Small PartsAt IMTS this year, DATRON Dynamics will launch the new "DATRON C5" high-speed milling machine – the best solution for cost-effective, high-precision, simultaneous, five-axis machining of small parts. This will be the first demonstration of this machine in North America.

The DATRON C5 was developed specifically for precise, simultaneous 5-axis milling of small parts. Its ability to machine titanium and steel (in addition to non-ferrous metals and abrasive materials) makes it ideally suited to applications in a variety of industries including machining medical components and micro mold making. The C5 accommodates parts up to 100 mm in diameter and is capable of producing highly-complex geometries.

The low-vibration design delivers superior surface finishes while the rigid 48,000 RPM spindle, precision ball screws and Heidenhain linear scales provide industry-leading accuracy. With a 22-station tool changer, integrated tool-length measurement and a footprint of only 1 m² the C5 delivers efficient 5-axis machining while taking up very little floor space – which is at a premium these days.

The C5’s short setup times and low energy consumption of less than 2.5 kWh average results in efficiency and R.O.I.

This machine fits through a standard 36” door making it ideal for labs and clean-room environments.

Datron Dynamics