Connor-Winfield announces the release of the SFX-525G high precision frequency translator and 20 Hz jitter attenuator that translates an input between 8 kHz to 100 MHz to output frequencies between 8MHz to 250MHz. This IC is well suited for use in line cards, service termination cards and similar functions to provide reliable reference, phase locked synchronization for TDM, PDH, SONET and SDH network equipment. 

The SFX-525G provides jitter filtered, wander following output signal synchronization to a superior GPS, Stratum or peer input reference signal and supports all major FEC rates such as 15/14 and 255/237. The SFX-525G also includes a lock detect alarm output. Output jitter is less than 0.16 ps rms.


  • 20 Hz Jitter filter and frequency translator
  • Jitter generation OC-192 compliant
  • Typical output jitter 0.16 ps rms at 155.52 MHz 
  • Input Frequencies from 8 kHz to 100 MHz
  • Frequency translation up to 250 MHz
  • Alarm detection for loss of lock/loss of reference condition
  • Space saving 12x14mm leadless package
  • 3.3V high precision PLL

Connor-Winfield products are designed and produced in the USA.

Price: $16 each for 10K volume

The Connor-Winfield Corporation