If you need micro welding, cutting, brazing and assembly of very small medical components, LSA Laser is the one-stop source with a full range of capabilities. LSA Laser offers precision micro laser welding of tubing, ribbon and round wire for use in a broad range of medical devices including defibrillation leads, stents, catheterization subassemblies, surgical instruments and more. LSA Laser is equipped with more than 35 major laser processing systems and provides precision cutting, assembly, marking and packaging to ISO 13485:2003 quality standards.

LSA Laser is an FDA compliant laser component manufacturer with over 15 years experience supplying the medical device industry. It utilizes 11 axis computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser welding and cutting systems and computer aided design (CAD) for component design. Many of these components are used in guidewires, pacing leads, surgical instruments, electrical leads and assemblies.

FREE part samples representative of LSA Laser’s work are offered to qualified prospects along with a helpful Engineering Guide. Both parts and guide will assist in the design and specification process for small laser processed parts. Contents for easy reference include:

  • Conversion Charts, including length and tolerance conversions, listed along with French Scale and 15 other conversions. Helps to get the numbers right first time around.
  • Weld Symbols and weld symbol configurations (ANSI/AWS) are called out on a typical part drawing and 3D part schematic. Based on industry standards, helps in the development of understandable and usable part drawings during the product development stages.
  • Weldability Chart for 20 different metals, from tungsten and molybdenum to zinc and tin. Grades weldability of these metals at excellent, good, fair and poor so quick comparison and evaluation can be made of one metal versus another.
  • Part Feature Examples (real world photos) for miniature laser welding, brazing, cutting and assembly so designers can see and visualize a good range of possibilities for their design application.

LSA Laser