Morgan Technical Ceramics - Wesgo Duramic (MTC Wesgo Duramic) announces that it has published a new brochure on its precision-engineered brazing fixtures, which are ideal for high temperature alumina ceramic applications.

Products commonly made using MTC Wesgo Duramic braze fixtures include x-ray components, medical components, heat treating components, fluid dispensing valves, and electrical insulators. The new brochure outlines the features and benefits of custom machined alumina braze fixtures, which are used to isolate and insulate metal components during high temperature brazing. In addition to product information, the brochure contains detailed information on MTC Wesgo Duramic’s engineering resources, which include application engineering, technical support and design assistance for custom manufacturing.

Alumina has proven to be an excellent option for brazing medical and laser industry components, high electrical field devices, and magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) equipment, since the design and configuration of alumina fixtures are highly flexible.

The alumina fixture provides dimensional stability at temperatures above 1600°C. These precision engineered braze fixtures allow for exacting dimensional tolerances after brazing due to the thermal expansion match between the alumina insulator and fixture. The alumina material is also chemically inert, with no outgassing during vacuum braze applications and cleaner by creating less particulate generation. With a long service life, alumina fixtures are extremely cost effective solutions compared to other common braze fixtures.

The new brochure also highlights braze fixtures manufactured from other materials specifically designed for challenging applications, including aluminum silicate (M120F) and silicon carbide converted graphite (SCG). These materials provide robust, inert, and thermally stable solutions for even the most demanding braze process.

MTC Wesgo Duramic’s application engineering resources combine world class expertise and manufacturing capabilities to help customers develop competitive custom solutions for even the most complex applications. Offering customers a strong understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDT), as well as specific application requirements, MTC Wesgo Duramic’s engineering staff provides customers with the best engineered devices on the market.

MTC Wesgo Duramic