Transducers USA has announced the addition of a new wall mount style to their ToneLight line of annunciators, all of which provide both sound and visual alerts. Two panel-mount styles are already available: a stainless steel model is well suited to harsher environments, while an all-plastic style can accommodate less demanding usages. The new wall-mount unit emits a siren-like sound. With the rated input voltage applied, all units provide distinct audio/visual warnings with flashing LED lights and repetitive audio alerts.

These new Transducers USA ToneLight units are suitable for all types of alarm situations, including: low-voltage, low-pressure, high-radiation, “tank full” and many other potentially serious events where both audio and visual warnings are desired.

The stainless steel-cased Model TRIP-LB100SS has a flat, round, honeycomb face, while the plastic-cased Model TRIP-LB200P is fitted with a round plastic lens. Both produce a sound output of 80dB within their voltage ranges of 6 – 48 VDC and 120 -220 VAC.

The TRIP-6692 wall-mounted unit is 12 x 71 x 58 mm in size and generates over 100Db with its siren-type sound and its bright LED light output within a voltage operating range of 6-15 VDC. This unit is available with two wire leads to operate sight and sound simultaneously, or with three wire leads to have the sound or light operate independently.

The panel-mount alerts will fit panel thicknesses of 1-10mm and are supplied with screw terminals. Available lens colors are red, green, yellow, orange, blue and white. All units have IP-50 ratings and are RoHS compliant.

Transducers USA