A new, ultra-fast curing electrically conductive silver adhesive for cold soldering and bonding electrical and electronic components where soldering is impractical is being introduced by MERECO of West Warwick, Rhode Island.

MERECO MetaductTM 1245 Silver Adhesive is an electrically conductive two part epoxy that cures in 45 seconds at room temperature and provides over 600 psi tensile shear strength.  Suitable for a wide variety of cold solder applications, this 100% solid silver adhesive is solvent-free, non-bleeding, thixotropic, and non-flammable to replace leaded and lead-free hot solder.

Providing 1 x 10-3 Ohm-cm conductivity, MERECO MetaductTM 1245 Silver Adhesive 2 parts base to 1 part activator by weight and by volume and is supplied in a bubble package.  To meet exact OEM process requirements,

the firm can also customize silver adhesive formulations that are non-thixotropic, cure at specific times up to several minutes and can be packaged for automated and manual dispensing.

MERECO MetaductTM 1245 Silver Adhesive is priced according to quantity and special customer requirements.  The firm is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

Mereco Technologies Group, Inc.