Dispense Works, Inc. recently introduced the RC conveyorized system to automatically fill 6 different colors of vinyl (Plastisol) into aluminum molds (pallets). This system features the SR model (slip roller) conveyor with quick adjust rails to accommodate pallets of different sizes.

The operator simply places a pallet on the conveyor and selects which fill job to run from the menu. The conveyor allows accumulation of pallets for unattended production and is available in virtually any length. The width is infinitely adjustable as well. All stops / sensors are embedded into the frame.

The MG series robot is the ideal solution with its mechanism and electronics located above the work area for easy access. The dispensing patterns may be created in any graphic / cad type programs or taught with the machine’s own advanced jog & teach function. A special

pre-programmed software function streamlines setup with tools to control material volume on

the fly. Up to 16 heads (valves, syringes, etc) can be controlled.

Dispense Works