Fabrico, a leader in flexible materials converting and advanced assembly capabilities, provides expertise in design and production of protective films for LCDs and touch screens of any size or shape from the scrapes and gouges that can accumulate through normal use.

Fabrico selects the best materials that offer:

  • Durable protection for an LCD screen during daily use
  • Optical clarity without color distortion
  • Ease of application and replacement
  • Enhancement of even old displays by making them clearer and brighter
  • Enhanced protection for harsh and industrial environments

Fabrico’s expertise extends to advanced dry-application films that provide:

  • Anti-reflection properties
  • Backlight reflector capabilities
  • Light control
  • Prism characteristics
  • Reflective polarization
  • Projection components

Fabrico creates multi-layered protective films by laminating together a positioning film, a clear protective polyester film, an adhesive, and a liner. The film is applied using a dry wipe process with no wetting, trapped air bubbles or dust, or peeling. The protective films can be precision die-cut to meet any size or shape.