Watson-Marlow Pumps Group is unveiling a new range of 400RXMD OEM pumps, specifically designed for the surgical ablation market, in booth #1713 at MD&M West, from February 12-14, 2013, at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, CA.

With a range of pressure settings, improved flow accuracy, and innovative safety features, the new pumps are the product of extensive research to ensure they meet the demands of surgical ablation applications, including treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and cancer, as well as many other surgical procedures.

The new 400RXMD family of pumps retains the original RX pump’s unique performance and robust modern design features, but contains a multitude of new customer-identified improvements. A range of precise pressure settings allows users to tailor products to specific customer applications. An innovative mechanism provides up to 50 percent improved flow accuracy, while a new tube holder ensures the tube locates in the right position every time the safety lid is closed, providing rapid, trouble-free tube loading. This minimizes the risk of human errors, safeguarding the process.

This simple, robust, and unique pump solution is great news for equipment that uses the radio frequency (RF) ablation technique, in which the pump is part of a larger system that includes an RF generator, and a catheter or needle. The 400RXMD pumps cooling fluid to provide precise temperature control, producing a more effective treatment and preventing scarring.

Watson-Marlow’s new 400RXMD, available in ten different variants, provides superior and precise pump technology, ideal for the medical device industry. The 400RXMD pump offers flows up to 500 ml/min at 550 rpm and delivers the user a pressure range up to 8 bar. With two stepper motors and one brushless motor option available, the 400 RXMD pump has the unique ability to set pressure, flow, and rotation direction according to each customer’s needs.