Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, a leading global supplier of custom molded components and assemblies for medical device applications, has published a new brochure.

Medical equipment manufacturers seeking a qualified manufacturing partner will find this brochure particularly useful. It details Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ 65 years of experience in the medical components and assemblies industry and their innovative solutions approach. These include: product design, process development, manufacturing, assembly, sourcing, quality systems, material sciences expertise and program management.

The new brochure explains how the company provides comprehensive services in both engineering design and advanced materials development to manufacture the best end product possible. Of special interest are the company’s design services, superior silicone bonding technology, rapid mold design and build, and prototype production. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is an expert source for all types of medical seals, and metal to plastic, rubber to TPE, and plastic-to-plastic conversions.

Typical applications shown with photos include valves, pumps, catheters, connections, diaphragms, plunger tips, prosthetics, disposables, lab equipment, diagnostic products and surgical instruments.

Of special interest are two charts in the brochure. One shows Liquid Silicone Rubber properties for application to medical device designs. The second chart shows the Shore Hardness and Use Temperature for 12 different high performance, medical grade plastics used in medical device designs.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics has spacious class 10,000 and 100,000 clean rooms fully equipped with the latest high volume molding capabilities. This allows the company to provide customers with the critical quality and delivery requirements including global sourcing that they require.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics