Atlas Vac Machine, LLC unveils the industry’s first medical tray sealer with an all-electric press. This new model, which is available with single or dual shuttle configurations, features a servo drive system to apply, measure and control direct force output far more accurately and with greater repeatability than standard pneumatic versions which control air pressure and attempt to equate it to downward force. The resulting down-force “signature curve” reaches full down-force application quickly and is held extremely constant throughout the entire dwell time setting. Now packaging engineers can match the accuracy of dwell time and temperature controls with a down-force result unparalleled by other systems.

In addition, higher forces are attainable with new servo-driven models allowing more sealing tool nest area to be utilized per stroke. The Atlas Vac electric press medical tray sealer is ideal for packaging of medical devices, medical disposables, pharmaceuticals and other precision packaging, which require validation of package sealing protocols to ensure package aesthetics and integrity.

Productivity is increased by up to 33% with this new all electric sealer design, because the operator can engage the entire sealing cycle with the push of a button rather than having both hands on the safety sensors. This allows the operator to stage the next package set while the auto shuttle moves and the press is engaging – a dramatic increase in production over previous versions. Safety is ensured through the light curtain system which automatically detects any interference within it – ceasing press and shuttle motion until the unit is reset.

An optional electric auto shuttle, available on the entire Atlas Vac line for the past three (3) years, is smoother, more precise, more repeatable and faster than the manual shuttle engagement. This auto shuttle system eliminates ergonomic issues and is standard equipment on the new all electric tray sealer.

“We’re excited to present this industry leading technology at the packaging industry’s premier event,” said Atlas Vac President John Abraham. “The features and benefits built into these all-electric models speed production, ensure repeatability and accuracy across machines and production sites – eliminating the cost of compressed air and its inherent variability – all while providing optimum operator safety. Packaging engineers appreciate the consistency, smoothness and repeatability but most of all they like the fact that the smooth shuttle motion can never be placed out of adjustment by operators attempting to ‘dial it in’ as they do with pneumatic versions. And the new electric press and shuttle eliminates the need for compressed air which can be an expensive utility not always in adequate supply.”

Direct force control is achieved by servo drive system in which forces are monitored and controlled using a direct measurement feedback loop. That differs dramatically from pneumatic systems which measure air pressure and attempt to equate this to force despite variability of the supply flow due to differences in airline size, incorrect fittings, distance from the compressor, and more.

Unlike companies which adapt their general, commercial sealers to use within the medical market, Atlas Vac specializes within this industry. They start with heavy duty components like 1” diameter linear bearing rods, to produce the heaviest equipment on a per-square-inch of sealing platen area. They understand that structural integrity and rigidity are the keys to successful sealing. So their stationary components remain aligned while moving components glide smoothly for many years of production use.

A heavy heater section and a Teflon® coated seal platen provide sufficient mass to distribute the thermal energy evenly – without hot spots or wide fluctuations in surface temperature – even in high package cycling.

PLC controls are available from Mitsubishi or Allen Bradley, with validation protocols, recipes, passwords, operator screens, alarms, data acquisition and other tools of the trade available in standard or custom configurations. CE certification is always available for machines designated for EU markets.

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