The Optima vT from Uson (Houston, TX ) is a leak and flow tester that offers greater flexibility with a choice of one or two test channels (up to 8 sensors), choice of enclosures and custom pneumatics. This versatile leak tester has many advanced features and is suitable for a wide variety of leak testing applications without added costs. The Optima vT with its large easy-to-read full color display and intuitive user interface also has multiple built-in automated calculators, together with several data handling and storage options.

At the heart of the innovative Optima vT is Uson’s powerful TCU2 -- the second generation Test Control Unit offering unparalleled versatility with a choice of one or two test channels. The powerful TCU2 permits connection of up to four high-resolution sensors per channel. The single channel Optima vT can test up to four independent cavities simultaneously while the two-channel tester is capable of handling up to eight, allowing for significant cost savings. Other features include:

  • TCU2 resource manager with state-of-the-art ARM processors.
  • 2 Channels with up to 4 sensors/channel, totaling up to 8 sensor inputs.
  • Simultaneous testing on all sensor inputs.
  • Built-in automated calculators for speed testing and data handling.
  • Fully customizable pneumatic controls.
  • Large easy-to-read full color touch screen display with intuitive user interface.


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