Overmolded medical devices from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics improve function, design and aesthetics, increasing a medical product’s value. Using proprietary overmolding processes and selecting from a broad range of unique Silicone formulations, an ideal customized design solution provides improved functionality and performance.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics overmolding adds functionality through noise and vibration dampening, waterproofing and shock proofing design features. Additional benefits can include ergonomics, two-color aesthetics, brand identification and property modification, improving a product’s quality and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Specific Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Silicone formulations are available for medical devices requiring repeat sterilizations and those for single use medical procedures. The repeat use formulations all are autoclavable while those for single use may be GAMA and ETO sterilized.

To provide the medical device designer with the widest range of choices to develop the ideal material for the best functionality, formulations are available for overmolding to a broad range of substrates. These include many medically preferred materials such as stainless steel, titanium, PEEK, Radel and other high performance plastics.

To further enhance uniqueness and give proprietary features to the medical device design, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics offers these additional overmolding options:

  • A full range of silicone material durometers
  • Conductive and insulated silicone materials
  • Custom colorization with special surface finishes
  • Formulations that are USP Class 6 and ISO 10993 implantable grade
  • Micro to macro molding size capabilities to handle very small to very large medical device components

In addition to silicone overmolding, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is equipped to provide assistance with design and materials engineering from a broad range of medical grade material options. These include compounds compliant with ISO 10993, USP Class VI, and FDA requirements. MR&P operates an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system and also manufactures a broad range of medical sealing devices, medical assemblies and products in Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 clean rooms.

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