Styron, the global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber, has introduced the following new resins for medical equipment enclosures. These materials can be used with all types of therapeutic and diagnostic equipment applications.

EMERGE™ PC/ABS 7700 Advance Resins: PC/ABS blend provides a well-balanced, cost-effective solution for powered medical devices. Styron developed the material with durability, toughness, non-halogenated ignition resistance, and UV stability. These properties result in equipment housings that maintain their integrity and appearance over time.

The material has a UL flammability rating of V-0 at 1.5mm and 5VB at 2.0mm and 5VA at 2.5mm and is ideal for powered medical equipment. It complements Styron’s EMERGE™ 7600 Advanced Resins and its EMERGE™ 9000 series of chemical resistant materials enabling customers to select the most appropriate resin for specific components of an application and control system costs.

MAGNUM™ 2642 MED and MAGNUM™ 8391 MED ABS Resins: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, resins that provide pleasing aesthetics and advanced performance. Recognized as superior, Styron’s MAGNUM™ ABS Resins have been relied on for decades. The resins are manufactured with continuous mass polymerization technology providing lot-to-lot consistency of properties including color, rheology and physical structure. Mass polymerization also allows for lower levels of process additives resulting in a purer polymer compared to emulsion ABS resins.

Both resins offer exceptional appearance. MAGNUM™ 8391 MED ABS Resins target premium applications with improved processability and toughness such as higher melt flow, higher impact strength and higher gloss. MAGNUM™ 2642 MED ABS Resins are considered general purpose. Both have been tested for biocompatiblity.

Styron resins are available directly through the company or through distribution partners PolyOne Distribution, Entec, and Channel Prime Alliance.

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