New Web tool functionality helps medical device manufacturers build ideal GCX cart. Upgraded OEM Cart ‘Configurator’ improves visualization capabilities for GCX mounting solutions

Medical device Original Equipment Manufacturers can envision a custom solution to their medical cart needs with the aid of a more powerful Web tool, the OEM Cart Configurator from GCX Corporation.

Launching from GCX, the interactive OEM Cart Configurator has been completely retooled to increase functionality and upgrade modeling of more advanced product features of GCX medical instrument and IT mounting solutions.

The Configurator facilitates the product development process by letting medical device manufacturers create for themselves higher detailed renderings of their ideal medical cart. An extensive GCX catalog of engineered cart components permits solutions that meet the needs of an OEM’s application without requiring custom tooling or high order quantities.

Configurator users select their optimal base, column, casters, device mount and accessories from among GCX products for OEMs, plus off-the-shelf components. The resulting summary can be saved, printed, shared or submitted to GCX to request more information on the best combination for the user’s custom needs.

New OEM Cart Configurator enhancements include:

  • Option to add multiple accessories from among nearly 30 choices, including CPU/UPS mounts, storage drawers, universal power strip mounts and more
  • Capability to move accessories up and down on thumbnails in real time using drag-and-place tool
  • Opportunity to create a greater list of products with expanded menu of alternatives