LEDsVCC (Poway, CA) has enhanced its series of LED replacements for traditional incandescent lamps. Providing a complete drop-in replacement solution, the company’s expanded offering of LED replacement lamps and holders combine simple and fast assembly with reliability and ruggedness. The direct replacement LED indicators are designed to provide high brightness indication with low current draw and low heat generation. VCC LED indication solutions meet a wide range of performance standards for aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, & safety applications. Resistance to shock and vibration, the LED replacements for incandescent lamps feature average lifespans of 100,000 hours, about 10x that of traditional incandescent indicators. The LED replacement product offering includes:

  • T-3 1/4 bayonet, 24 mm height, single LED.
  • T-3 1/4 bayonet, 28 mm height, multi LED.
  • T-1 3/4 midget flange, 16 mm height.
  • T-1 3/4 midget groove, 16 mm height.
  • T-1 3/4 wedge base, 20 mm height.
  • T-3 1/4 wedge base, 25 mm height.

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