Customer Benefits

Revolutionary precision in laser processing without thermal damage
Minimal or no post-processing
Virtually no restriction on material choice
Robust industrial use (24/7)
Safe and easy system integration and maintainability
Small footprint
Optional with complete beam delivery for cutting, structuring, drilling and ablating as well as marking applications

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The StarPulse laser sources (40 – 500 W) providing high pulse-to-pulse stability are ideal for laser welding of narrow seam geometries at high welding speeds – also for highly reflecting materials...
StarFiber laser sources provide nominal power rates of 100 watts to 600 watts at fundamental mode beam quality. They can be operated in the pulsed and cw mode. The laser sources providing extremely...
The StarCut Tube can be powered with ROFIN's ultrashort pulse laser StarFemto FX or fiber laser StarFiber FC and achieves contour accuracies better than +/- 5 µm. The femto second laser source prov...