This week on The Pulse, we are powering implants with the heart, vacuuming out blood clots, controlling the TV remote with a wink, and playing stroke education video games. This episode features:

  • Heart Powered Implants: Powering implantables with the natural motion of the body’s organs has been of interest for medtech for quite some time. Researchers at the University of Illinois have crafted a potential solution.
  • Vacuuming Blood Clots: Instead of making a chest incision for open heart surgery, cardiovascular surgeons can now use a new vacuum-like tool to remove potentially deadly, large clots that lodge in patients' hearts.
  • Eyelid Remote Control: Developed for people with certain kinds of disability, the Winkymote device uses a special eye makeup called Empowder which is a human skin like material that sits around the eye area. 
  • Stroke Hero: According to research, children improved their understanding of stroke symptoms and what to do if they witness a stroke after playing a 15-minute stroke education video game.

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