This week on The Pulse, we’re making heart models for fewer recalls, taking vital signs with an iPhone, tracking activities with Moov, and finding a new way to grow stem cells. This episode features:

Heart on a Chip: In an attempt to resolve recalls before they happen, a team at the University of Pennsylvania has developed a virtual heart model that runs on an integrated circuit and acts like a heart to test pacemakers.

iVital Signs Case: A unique case for an iPhone combines a one lead ECG, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and a cuffless blood pressure sensor in one device.

Smart Fitness Coach: The Moov is a thin, rounded-disk of a pod that differs from other activity trackers in that it contains not only an accelerometer, but also a gyroscope and a magnetometer.

Growing Stem Cells: Researchers have found an innovative method for growing human embryonic stem cells, which doesn’t rely on supporting human or animal cells.

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