This week on The Pulse, we’re 3D printing a human skull for implantation, checking blood pressure with a patch, helping disabled children learn to walk, and monitoring pressure sores. This episode features:

3D Printed Skull: For the first time, a patient’s skull has been completely replaced. Using 3D printing technology, a customized plastic skull was successfully implanted into a 22 - year-old woman in The Netherlands.

Blood Pressure Monitor Patch: A team of South Korean researchers has developed a convenient alternative to the conventional arm cuff for measuring blood pressure.

Walking Assistant: While struggling to teach her child who has cerebral palsy to walk, Debby Elnatan created the Upsee, a harness that straps to her and her son Rotem.

Monitoring Pressure Sores: The SENSIMAT, described as a “Fitbit for seating”, is a cushion embedded with multiple pressure sensors. It can be placed onto any wheelchair and actively records the forces on it as the user sits throughout the day.

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